Spypoint Link - S

Spypoint Link - S

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Main features:

  • Built-in solar panel and rechargeable battery
  • Pre activated SIM card included
  • LTE enabled
  • FREE 30 days of unlimited photos
  • FREE monthly plan offered (100 photos)*
  • 100’ Flash range
  • 0.07 second trigger speed
  • 2 year warranty
  • BUCK TRACKER antler recognition technology available FREE


Item Description:

LINK-S connected to your passion! You asked, we delivered by combining our leading cellular technology with our innovative solar panel.  Now unlimited power is available on the world leading LINK camera.  FREE MONTLY PLAN OFFERED, including transmission of 100 photos per month when no other plan is selected. Use the camera year round at no extra charge.


The SPYPOINT LINK-S is equipped with a built-in solar panel and rechargeable battery providing you with unlimited battery life.  When installed in real life conditions including obstruction of direct sunlight, the solar panel will still charge the internal battery because of the patent pending technology behind the LINK-S solar cell panel. The camera uses 42 high-power LEDs for great image quality at night and the infrared boost technology allows you to maximise the lighting when it counts. Blur reduction technology will enable you to reduce considerably the blurred effect that might be present on your photos. The 0.07 millisecond trigger speed certifies you never miss another picture of your game.


The LINK-S trail camera has the easiest activation on the market and comes complete with home to field service by SPYPOINT and is connected to the Verizon network. Manage your account, camera settings and photos through the FREE app.


Visit www.spypoint.com/plans for more information on coverage and plans.


Included accessories:

  • Quick start guide
  •  SIM card
  •  Mounting bracket
  •  Installation strap


NO batteries required - 8 AA batteries (optional) 



* To maximise the camera's performance (speed, SD card space, battery life) we recommend that you post-process your photos using the software when higher megapixels are needed. Visit www.spypoint.com/MP

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