Equine Glo

Equine Glo


Equine GLO has been engineered to give your horse more nutrients, more stamina a shinier coat and an overall improver physique. We use premium ingredient, inlcuding rice bran blended with peanut meal. This product delivers protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, amino acids and host of macro and micronutrients that will improve overall heath.  A visible difference in the animal is commonly noticed 3 to 4 weeks of feeding Equine GLO supplement feed.  Horses are drawn to the incredible aroma, as well as the taste and nutrition.  Their physical response tells it all! 


Equine GLO unique blend is highly preferred over just plain extruded rice bran!


Equine GLO is an all natural supplement that delivers excellent fat and calories to burn for any age horse, from colt to stallion.  It helps them maintain proper body weight, muscle tone and improves overall sense of well-being.


Equine GLO is low starch supplement, an excellent source of Vitamin E, natural minerals and digestive enzymes.


Equine GLO is safe for younger and older horses, as well as high-performance horses under extreme workloads.  


Equine GLO is a stabilized product and has an approximate 1 year shelf life for freshness.

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